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lcdc personnel are extensively involved in the military's use of real-time, distributed, operator-in-the-loop simulations.

Our people have worked with real-time simulation for the military since 1980. We are experienced in the planning, development, and execution of exercises and tests using Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and the High-Level Architecture (HLA).

Our personnel experience includes:

  • Project Office Lead for Modeling and Simulation on the DoD-sponsored Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (JPSD) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration, which developed a nationwide DIS demonstration of deep-strike operations including live sensors, manned C3 centers, and range firings of tactical missiles.
  • For U.S. Army AMCOM, designer of the software and hardware that interfaces the Avenger Air Defense system with DIS exercises. This allowed the actual Avenger tactical hardware to be used for gunner training in a simulated war fighting environment.
  • Developer of the complete software design of a DIS/HLA simulation of a complex foreign air defense missile system and its cueing radar for a classified customer.
  • Lead for development of testbed performance simulators used at the ARC and the BMDO National Testbed.



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