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lcdc personnel have extensive experience with design, development, and operation of real-time testbeds for military applications. This includes testbeds for hardware/software testing in-the-loop, advanced concept and algorithm testing, and testing/training with military operators.

Our personnel experience includes:

  • Contractor Project Manager and Technical Lead for the requirements development on the initial version of the U.S. Army SMDC Advanced Research Center (ARC) Distributed Data Processing Testbed. This testbed was the first computer testbed developed for strategic defense processing. Led requirements development during the ARC's initial growth years, during which time the center evolved from a bus-based minicomputer network to a fully-distributed multi-testbed configuration.
  • Technical Support Project Manager for the USAF Theater Air Command and Control Simulation Facility (TACCSF). TACCSF is the Air Force's premier Operator-In-The-Loop BM/C3 test facility and is extensively involved in DIS and HLA-based exercises. Led requirements development, testing, and white/red force activities for Joint BM/C3 T&E.
  • Program manager and technical lead for the USASMDC NNK Avionics program which developed the first software-based, reconfigurable, real-time testbed for non-nuclear-kill interceptor avionics.

This page last updated 4/4/2009.