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Short-notice, short-term support is one of our specialties. We are especially well qualified to help when sudden task starts, unexpected surge requirements, or program crises require immediate senior expertise. At those times, we can arrive on-site, orient to the problem, and make meaningful contributions with a minimum of delay. We operate as though we are part of the customer's staff. However, unlike permanent staff, we are paid only for those times when senior expertise is required. We offer a low-overhead alternative for companies that need highly-skilled, senior expertise periodically, without the associated permanent costs.

The experience section of this site describes the technical areas we can support. The specific activities we perform depend upon the customer's need and might include:

  • System Engineering and Requirements Analysis
  • Software Design and Development
  • Development of Program Plans and Procedures
  • Advising on Hiring / Staffing Decisions
  • Training Staff Personnel on Processes and Procedures (Short Course or On-the-Job Training Formats)

lcdc also has extensive experience in proposal preparation for DoD contracts. We are veterans of many proposal efforts and are available to help with:

  • Proposal Planning and Organization
  • Section Writing and/or Editing
  • Brief-off Preparation and Conduct
  • Organization and Presentation of Capabilities
  • Engineering and Design for Sample Tasks
  • Independent Evaluation / Red Teaming

This page last updated 4/4/2009.